Blogging at last!

With my children launched, it’s time to launch myself into the brave new world of blogging. If they can try on all kinds of new things, so can I.

I’ve been a psychotherapist since 1985, which I love, but my primary career has been raising my daughters. Now that I’ve been downsized, I take solace in being able to devote myself more to writing. It’s a great form of therapy–at least when it’s not a form of torture! (All writers can relate to Dorothy Parker, who famously said, “I hate writing, I love having written.”)

So here’s to the blank screen, which I intend to fill with edgy musings on mid-life, politics, and psychology.

Plus, I’ll be writing about a topic I’ve dreamed of developing for years: Ruptures in Women’s Friendships–Why they happen, how to prevent them, and how to heal, together or apart.

I’m looking forward to sharing my stories with you, and hearing about yours, too!